Friday, February 27, 2015

Research-data sharing websites

Peace, love and data is for everyone (well, it should be). Here is a list with online resources:

Epidemiological datasets
  • The Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe: (requires registration)
  • The European Values Study: Data can de downloaded from (requires registration, which is automatically approved), which hosts a large number of other datasets from political and sociological studies.
  • The Wisconsin Longitudinal Study (WLS): . The WLS "is a long-term study of a random sample of 10,317 men and women who graduated from Wisconsin high schools in 1957. The WLS provides an opportunity to study the life course, intergenerational transfers and relationships, family functioning, physical and mental health and well-being, and morbidity and mortality from late adolescence through 2011. WLS data also cover social background, youthful aspirations, schooling, military service, labor market experiences, family characteristics and events, social participation, psychological characteristics and retirement."
  • For a number of studies published in the European Journal of Psychological Assessment, datasets are available on the EJPA website:

Datasets from clinical trials

  • Here is an overview of all NIH Data Sharing Repositories:
  • The Journal of Open Psychology Data publishes papers that describe datasets from published studies, which are available for (re)analysis. The JOPD website has a large, well-described list of Recommended Repositories which are recommended for archiving datasets that are described in JOPD papers. That list is not only useful for data from JOPD papers, but also a good source for data-sharing websites.
  • The Yale Institution for Social and Policy Studies: "The majority of digital content in the ISPS Data Archive currently consists of social science research data from experiments, program files with the code for analyzing these data, requisite documentation to use and understand the data, and associated files. Access to the ISPS Data Archive is provided at no cost and is granted for scholarship and research purposes only."

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